Poiesis [06.05.14]

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A sample of key images taken from the portfolio submission for the semester 01 project ‘Poiesis.’

Installation pitch 04.04.2014


We had the opportunity to pitch our ideas for the end of year Pavilion to Dr Rebekka Kill (the head of Art, Architecture and Design) this week. The meeting was productive and Rebekka was able to give valuable input by critiquing the proposals from an artistic perspective, giving insight into how the installations might be perceived as public art.

Tension Torus – Richard Arthur

Experimentation and development of Tension Torus.

Professor Yoshinobu Miyamoto paper study. Developed using digital and physical modeling.

Tension Paper Model  Tension Model Diagram

Tension Model Side  Tension Model


Dominic Kennedy – Tensegrity Developments

Tensegrity Blog Panel1


Developments of the tensegrity system. Use of kangaroo physics to simulate multiple iterations of tensegrity. Variables include number of struts, rest lengths, elasticity to test and optimise this continuous tensile compressive system.

Experimentation with aggregation of different tendules in a tower system was also a notion addressed.

Dom Kennedy – Fabrication



DK Tensegrity Panel


Introduction to tensegrity as a tensile-compressive structural system. Materiality, connection, assembly and form were notions investigated.


Fabrication System Research

blog post 2


blog post 1

Investigation and exploration into panel geometries and kinetic systems, aiming to create a response surface with variable form