Alex Warren – Concept Image

Here’s my concept collage from last week (you’ll have to zoom out on issuu):


It can be broken down into:

  • typical tax haven model
  • concentrating on what’s ‘below the surface’ for my proposition
  • the tax haven directly funds the biofouling on a raised bank reef
  • reef growth regenerates the food chain from the bottom up
  • the reef is grown using a mixture of pneumatic petrification and electrified calcification technologies
  • the habitat inside is designed using principles learnt from underwater habitats, past & future
  • the structure supports scientific dive expeditions
  • money coming in from the tax avoiders at the surface


3 thoughts on “Alex Warren – Concept Image

  1. Morning Alex,
    I corrected, the misspellings of Poiesis, good spot! Then after all the other posts were spelt correctly your little impassioned plea for spelling looked a bit insane, so i edited that out too.

    The concept image is a step in the right direction, but at the same time i feel its something we have all known your project was going to be for the last month. I’m still waiting to see some design work Alex

  2. Just to make you aware Nick, Poiesis is also spelt incorrectly on the brief!

    1. Haha awesome. Well it was Keith that put those titles on, so i/we/you can tell him Friday. For some perspective the first three drafts of the brief had my name down as Nik…

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