Nick Wright – Uganda Research Book

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The book is finally finished… for now. I’m sure it will be edited some more before printing.

Obviously too big to post in here, but here is a dropbox link that should hopefully work, enjoy learning about Uganda…

This book provides a broad background to the country of Uganda, from its climate to its economy and architecture, with a view to more in depth analysis of these factors in the design portfolio.

The project is based at a school for orphans in rural Uganda, with which I have had a long standing connection. The thesis will continue the development of the school with the introduction of a new dormitory block to house the increasing number of pupils. Utilising digital and physical simulation methods to optimise the current building methods and materials, allowing local people to improve their own environment.

The school also has more room for development, with a view to benefiting the surrounding community and providing a useful education for young children, in a country where youth unemployment is one of the highest in the world.

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