Chris Lazenby – Week 6 – Sustainability and Conservation Policy



This currently contains my research into the National Parks, sustainability policy and conservation within Helmsley. Hopefully you’ll be able to see which pages are complete and which aren’t.


Portfolio Semester 2

One thought on “Chris Lazenby – Week 6 – Sustainability and Conservation Policy

  1. Chris,
    The research is looking very good so far. A few points i would like you to look at improving/including. Firstly, you need to start with an introduction of sorts. What are you researching and why. Almost your brief. Just so there is a bit of context so whoever is reading this knows why. The same with each of the new chapters, why are you showing information on Helmsley conservation? Obviously this can change as your project develops. Personally i think it will help you reinforce your ideas, by describing even to yourself why you are doing something.

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