Rebecca Phythian – Week 4 – Ruled Surfaces Concept Model

RP - Ruled Surfaces

Transforming straight lines through spaceĀ – resulting in aesthetic curves.

2 thoughts on “Rebecca Phythian – Week 4 – Ruled Surfaces Concept Model

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    You should check out the new textiles lab at MIT (link below), they are making some pretty interesting models/installations using ruled surfaces. As you will see from the link they are able to accurately fabricate digital models using a laser cut support mould, I imagine you could create some pretty cool free standing models using this methodology.

    I created a similar template structure for some work I did creating structures from elastic bands, I think I uploaded some images on this blog if you want some ideas on how to achieve it.

    Good luck with it!


  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks very much for your advice & useful links. I had come across these whilst doing my research. Keith also pointed me in the direction of your work, as he saw my developments were progressing in a similar direction to work you had previously done. All looks very interesting & Keith is clearly fond of it! We are currently doing Rhino/Grasshopper tutorials to hopefully allow us to generate similar patterns computationally.
    Will be uploading photographs of the final model, created last week, soon – (following further analysis of ruled surfaces).
    Quite new to the AM website, so not sure if I should ‘permalink’ your comment?

    Thanks again for the tips!

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