Mediation within the Urban Archipelago


The thesis bases itself in the abandoned city of Varosha in Cyprus and seeks to address the repurposing of this previously abandoned area outside of national politics. Establishing a libertarian state based on a charter city model, which operates free of national agenda and focuses purely on financial strength.

Within this construct of segregation and high competition, the existence of bi-partisan decision-making and alliance development is scarce. The ‘Mediation Centre’ on which the design focuses, provides a neutral facility in which matters of concern can be addressed and resolved. It is located within the ever-changing boundary of the enclaves and uses its control of power over the area as leverage to facilitate the negotiation process. Officials and representatives of the corporate factions gather in the safety of the mediation compound to work towards securing their preferred outcome.

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asilohetee 4

Silohette render 3


The System

The boundary condition required the development of a component-based system in which structure and form could be easily reconfigured over time to reflect the power change. This system was developed through the use of parametric computational definitions exploring a variety of spatial constructs.


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