Poiesis- Exhibition [06.06.14]

Exhibition Sheets Paul Bedson

Exhibition Sheets Paul Bedson2

The pursuit of elegance is one of the aspirations of this project. The proposal is to design a beautiful, programmatically responsible low cost temporary structure. The structure is to act as a manifold articulating the generative processes of physical, environmental and cultural information in its being. The intervention is to be an orientating device for urban explorers who regularly visit the church, highlighting the significant features around the structure. The aim being to increase photography of these features before they are lost to decay and collapse.

The approach was to investigate in depth, the philosophical notion of the ‘abstract machine’ as a vehicle for delivering a highly sensitive intervention into a rich cultural, historical and troubled context.

Of particular interest to this project was the study of tectonics and limited beings; the idea that structures are complex energy and material systems that have a life span. They exist as part of an environment of other active systems, and develop in evolutionary waves. Along this same research path, biological fabrication methods were also explored. Research was carried out into how silk worms could be manipulated to infill a specifically designed scaffold system, derived from taking the church’s significant features as anchor points. These armatures were then cast towards a centroid, and a form was created based on the elastic deformation of the imbalanced forces, coupled with accelerated decay from sunlight.

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