Paul Bedson: Fabrication





This is a Prototype fabrication system I am currently developing as part of the second semester ‘Praxis’ brief. The project is investigating the hybridisation of tensile and compressive structures, with reference to tensegrity. By connecting the panels with elastic bindings the structure becomes more flexible making it able to morph between various forms while still maintaining its integrity.

One thought on “Paul Bedson: Fabrication

  1. Hey Paul
    Thanks for posting, obviously we have already talked out about development etc. But i have a few quick comments about presentation:
    +Tag placement; Although in the model the tags weren’t probably even needed, you should always consider placing them somewhere neatly on the panels. (on the full model image all i can see is the uneven tags. They come out alot more on b+w images) Or a position that is similar across all panels…
    +Trim your elastic
    +If you are going to talk about it ‘morph’ing, you need to have an image of it in a radically different form.

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