Alex Warren – Concept Image

Here’s my concept collage from last week (you’ll have to zoom out on issuu):   It can be broken down into: typical tax haven model concentrating on what’s ‘below the surface’ for my proposition the tax haven directly funds the biofouling on a raised bank reef reef growth regenerates the food chain from the […]

Alex Warren, Life Aquatic

My coral reef tax haven research to date:     I’ve covered coral reefs, artificial reefs, seasteading, tax havens, diving & underwater habitats. I still need a cover page & chapters on pneumatics and energy/material systems but let me know if you spot anything major missing! If anyone needs cheering up there’s a picture of […]

Saturation Habitat… for Hamsters

I stumbled across an enthusiast who has managed to create a working saturated submerged habitat for his pet hamsters, extraordinary because at 6 months in there  they’re unofficial world record holders. The habitat is fairly well designed… The air supply is from a surface mounted air compressor with 14hrs of battery backup in case of […]

Research Videos

(From TED) Gloomy outlook on the world’s oceans:   A more positive, economic way of viewing ecosystems:   …and a great animation explaining tax havens (there are plenty of these on youtube)