Biomimicry Exhibition, London

I went to this exhibition last month at The Architecture Foundation, really worth checking out if anyone is in London over the next month (Nick, Jak!). Their 3d prints are amazing (including their tables):   Info:      

Chris Lazenby – Policy & Sustainability – 14/02/14

Policy & Sustainability This project looks at planning policy within the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. I will be looking at policy in general but have picked out one part in particular to focus on – 196. In assessing and determining development proposals, local planning authorities should apply the presumption in favour of sustainable […]

Chris Lazenby – Policy & Sustainability – 05/02/14

My latest iteration of design portfolio. Latest additions include work to the new POLICY section – Mainly just quotes from documents at the moment, with diagrams and explanations to come tomorrow.

Scenographic huts – Serre-Chevalier, France

Who says you can’t think about architecture whilst skiing in the French Alps…. I came across numerous pavillion-like structures, referred to by locals as ‘Scenographic huts’ scattered across the ski slopes of the Serre-Chevalier valley. Hérault Arnod Architects At the request of Isabelle de Beaufort, Hérault Arnod  have created a stage set for her “Neige de […]

Plate Morphologies and Robotic Manufacture

I was looking to post some inspiration to fuel the anticipation for our Robofold workshop, and came across this project again.  “…The project aims at showing that novel possibilities of integrating material behaviour and biomimetic design can lead to truly performative architecture when the design process is clearly separated from classical well established form […]

Jan Vorticism week 10

Jan Harmens – Week 11 – Blast Pavilion

Jan’s Vorticist Experimentation   Managed to get behind but feel as though I’m catching up. Development so far for pavilion project with the intention of the pavilion ‘exploding’/moving to create a public space at peak times. Alot more work needed but so you can see where I’m up to.

Mesh’s and Weaverbird GH

Hi Guys. Apologies for Fridays session ending up a demonstration. Link below to the GH definitions for you to play around with. Would be great to seem some images uploaded of experiments with meshes and forms. Careful with some of the definitions as they may have a lot going on kill your computer if you […]

Seasonal inspiration – Process of Formation

From Aranda/Lasch – Tooling; “Imagine a few drops of water about to freeze. The endless variety of crystal shapes that emerge in that moment of crystallization became an obsession for one self-educated farmer from Vermont, Wilson Bentley, who spent a lifetime photographing snowflakes. For the forty-five years leading up to his death in 1931, through […]