Space Forming

Further Development of Thesis proposition utilizing component structures and lattice frame systems to create the adaptable mediation centre that filters through the Libertarian reimagining of Famagusta. The systems acts as an armature for mediation between segregated enclaves, meanders throughout the city along the boundaries of corporately controlled enclaves, shifting on the edge of economic success […]

Component System Research

Thesis Project development Focusing on a system and space that facilitates the mediation between the theorized corporate enclaves the initial drive was to consider methods of rapid reconfiguration through component based structure here we see Investigations into the use of component geometries to create varied form, design development focused on a building system utilizing varied […]

The Urban Archipelago

Architecture as a diagnostic tool The Urban Archipelago project unifies performative diagramming and design research with an aim to using architecture as a method of illustrating the socio-political issues of Cyprus.This diagnostic manifestation allows us to interact with the unseen factors present in society. This representation develops through a system of competitive corporate enclaves. These […]

Parasitic Growth

Concept animation for the parasitic development of enclave structures leeching “power” through the existing

AA Emergent Architecture Exhibition

The Bartlett and Westminster summer shows have finished but the AA student show is open for 2 more weeks (until the 19th of July). Michael Weinstock’s unit (no less) investigates architectural emergence… and the models look incredible. I’ve got a couple of spare sofas at my place (Fulham) if any of you fancy the trip south. The unit’s website features a […]

Poiesis- Exhibition [06.06.14]

The pursuit of elegance is one of the aspirations of this project. The proposal is to design a beautiful, programmatically responsible low cost temporary structure. The structure is to act as a manifold articulating the generative processes of physical, environmental and cultural information in its being. The intervention is to be an orientating device for […]

Installation pitch 04.04.2014

We had the opportunity to pitch our ideas for the end of year Pavilion to Dr Rebekka Kill (the head of Art, Architecture and Design) this week. The meeting was productive and Rebekka was able to give valuable input by critiquing the proposals from an artistic perspective, giving insight into how the installations might be […]

Dominic Kennedy – Tensegrity Developments

  Developments of the tensegrity system. Use of kangaroo physics to simulate multiple iterations of tensegrity. Variables include number of struts, rest lengths, elasticity to test and optimise this continuous tensile compressive system. Experimentation with aggregation of different tendules in a tower system was also a notion addressed.